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Back care course

Back care specialist course - 6 weeks, £129

(includes £10 off your first month after completion of the course)


Suitable for those suffering with Back Pain who really want to make a dramatic difference to their back issues. Please only take this course if you are prepared to commit to a six week course of Pilates Rehabilitation exercises, stretches and myofascial release practiced on a weekly basis and at home. Designed for Back Pain, Neck, Shoulder Girdle, Buttock, Hip and/or Knee pain. To give relief from back pain on an ongoing basis as you learn week by week with repetitive movement how to safely do the gentle Back Care Pilates exercises and learn ways to release muscles that have become in a chronic pain cycle causing tension, pain and muscle spasms either on a daily basis or most or some of the time. 

These are Pilates based sessions but with emphasis on back pain. Working to strengthen weak core muscles, learn techniques using myofacial release balls (spiky balls), to stretch using techniques to stretch the lower back, hips, the whole back and shoulders and strengthen these muscles in class and at home. An e booklet will be provided for all exercises, stretches etc that you will learn. You should expect a significant difference in any back or muscular related issues on completion of this course. Homework provided. Ongoing email and telephone support.   

Myofacial release balls will be used which are £18 a pair, along with an overball £9 each. For the first two weeks you will be able to take the balls home to use them for your daily movements and stretches. After that time if you would like to purchase some from us you can or source your own. 

I hope that you will continue your journey with us after your 6 week course, once you have reaped the many benefits this course will teach you and you notice how quickly your issues begin to subside. If you would prefer to continue in the comfort of your own home then our handy videos and info sheets will reinforce and explain the movements, stretches and all other areas learnt on the course for you.     

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