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Our packages

Led by our team of experienced and certified instructors, our classes are designed to inspire and empower you on your journey to optimal health and vitality. 

We have a number of different pricing options to suit every budget.
From single class passes through to monthly and even yearly options.


Take a look and see what suit you best. 

Pilates Class


Unlimited Reformer Pack £160 (usually £180)

(use within 31 days)

Reformer Pilates - Memberships

single class


Bronze Reformer
1 class a week
(paid monthly)


Silver Reformer
1 class a week
(paid every 2 months)


Gold Reformer
1 class a week
(paid every 3 months)


Reformer Taster Sessions

1 drop in session


2 taster sessions



Reformer Pilates - Packs

5 pack
Reformer classes
(10 wks to use)


10 pack
Reformer classes
(16 wks to use)


20 pack
Reformer classes
(34 wks to use)


Combined Reformer & Matwork Pilates

1 Reformer class & 1 Matwork Pilates class per week
(paid monthly)


Pregnant woman doing reformer pilates

Prenatal Reformer

1 prenatal class taster session


4 classes
(5 weeks to use)


Matwork Pilates

1 class a week
(paid monthly)


2 classes a week
(paid monthly)


Matwork couples
1 class a week
(paid monthly)


Matwork bundle - 50 classes a year

From only £10 a week

"I have been attending Gail’s Pilates classes for nearly 5 years, and I know she has literally kept me on the “straight and narrow”. I have a number of prolapsed discs in my back was in great pain and my posture was shot to pieces, now I no longer lean to the right and slouch like the Hunchback of Notre Dame. I found the classes via an internet search and rang her to see if she could help rebuild my core strength and flexibility. She has indepth anatomical knowledge and a great understanding of everyone’s needs and limitations. She never fails to impress me with her knowledge of each persons abilities, advising caution for one type of exercise but encouraging (in the nicest possible way!) you to reach for the next level. I would like to say I am at an advanced level, but I know I have so much further to go. I enjoy every lesson and would recommend Gail’s classes to anyone who was looking for a Pilates instructor. Thanks Gail for all your support and help." – Sue Byrne, Wyken

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