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Fitness Instructor

Gail - Founder of Breathe Pilates

Gail, a highly trained Pilates Instructor with over 15,000 teaching hours, specialises in rehabilitation for conditions like low back pain and osteoporosis.


With certifications from three top Pilates training providers including the Pilates Institute with Michael King, STOTT Pilates of Canada, and Body Control Pilates in London, her classes are unmatched.


Gail's expertise ensures benefits for all, even those who haven't found relief elsewhere. Trained initially as an Exercise to Music Instructor in 2001, Gail's personal journey overcoming back pain led her to specialize in Pilates. She has taught extensively in various health clubs and educational institutions, including Richard Branson's Virgin Active Health Clubs.


Gail holds advanced certifications in Pilates and low back pain management, and she is a member of respected professional associations. She accepts referrals from medical professionals and boasts a dedicated clientele, including GPs and physiotherapists, across her 20 established classes. Contact her to discuss your fitness goals today!


Pilates institute

Matwork Fundamentals NVQ Level 2 (2002)

Intermediate Matwork NVQ Level 2 (2003)
Advanced Matwork NVQ Level 2 (2003)
Matwork Diploma Level 3  (Advanced Pilates Instructor)

Stott Pilates

Essential Matwork (2009)

Intermediate Matwork (2009)
Advanced Matwork (2010)  

Body Control Pilates

Certified Pilates Instructor Level 3 (2014)
Advanced Pilates Instructor- CYQ L3 (2014)   
Matwork Evolution    
Intermediate Matwork
Pilates for Bone Health Osteoporsis  

Level 3 Award from VTCT in designing Pre and Post Natal Exercise Programmes


Level 3 Award from VTCT in Designing Pre- and Post-natal


Stott Pilates
Injuries and special populations which includes pilates for low back pain, hip pain, shoulder issues, cervical spine, thoracic spine, pre natal, post natal, older adult 


Polestar Pilates
Pilates for lower back pain, with Brent Anderson (CEO)


YMCA Exercise to Music Instructor – NVQ level 2

YMCA Anatomy & Physiology – NVQ level 2

OCR Anatomy & Physiology – NVQ level 2  

Active IQ – Anatomy and Physiology NVQ level 3

Active IQ – Principles of Fitness NVQ level 3   

"As a Dr and being very aware of my disabling back condition, I contacted Gail after reading her extensive CV of training and workshops and have been attending her Pilates classes for the past 4 years. I came to Pilates after a spinal fusion. Making no Improvements a month after my operation, I contacted Gail and did 4 one-to-one sessions before joining a group class just a month later! Ten weeks after my operation I could walk 2 miles Pain-free and my consultant was absolutely amazed with my rehabilitation after such a short time period. Not only did she help me regain my ‘core strength’ she found a variety of misalignments with my body which we worked on. I have, unbelievably gone from someone who certainly could not walk without pain, round shoulders and severe neck pain, into a taller, stronger person who has been Pain-free now (that includes my neck) for the past 3 1/2 years – Gail Managed to incorporate my difficulties into her group classes and she is easily able to adapt her class for many people during one session, never letting us put a foot wrong! She also has strong anatomical knowledge which she cleverly teaches her students, enabling them to learn how to use their bodies during the class and in their everyday lives. She teaches in a friendly and detailed manner which is needed in this discipline. Gail thank you for giving me my life back… I would never have thought it possible! I would be happy to recommend Gail’s Pilates classes to anybody!!" – Dr Sarah Chatworth, General practitioner

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