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Back care workshop

Back care workshop - 3.5 hours, £65

Our invaluable Back Care Workshop offers amazing full body muscular relief and strengthening of our core muscles over 3.5 hours. Starting with an explanation of our core musculature so that you can fully understand what muscles we are recruiting and understanding the science of pilates relating to back pain. Practicing Pilates 3 dimensional breathing, finding neutral pelvis and spine (the perfect posture and safest position to exercise our spine). Then we will take an hour or so to do a very gentle and suitable Back Care Pilates session suitable for all back, neck, hip, shoulder issues or for anyone who would just like to strengthen their body or for people who are just looking to relieve stress and remove general aches and pains wherever that may be. We will also look to ensure that you sit, stand and bend correctly.

The remainder of the workshop will concentrate on relaxing, strengthening whilst stretching all of the muscle groups of our bodies. While we also take time to release, strengthen and tone our largest hip flexor the Psoa muscle. So hip mobility and flexibility will be worked on. The Psoas is virtually always involved in back issues especially with many of us being in seated positions at work shortening the Psoas (the hip flexors) and causing or contributing to back and hip issues. We also spend time releasing the Piriformis muscle which some people with back pain may feel as a gnawing pain in the buttock. either one or both sides of the pelvis in people and this is a very common problem. The origin or place where one end of this muscle is attached is at the Sacrum another area involved in a lot of back issues. We will again be releasing this muscle too. The repeated irritation of the Piriforis muscle can become Piriformis Syndrome where the muscle can cause continual pain. We will look at releasing this very important muscle on a daily basis with a view of relieving you of this very painful syndrome for the future. If the piriformis isn’t affected via your back issue at this time then we will ward off any future issues.

The 3.5 hours may seem a long time for someone with back pain but we are changing positions often and very carefully, ensuring care is taken to support you in a pain free way to allow you to fully enjoy your time with us. We have had approximately 300 people through our doors now for this workshop and everyone has benefitted from it. We have local GP’s that have attended, Physiotherapists and other health professionals who have thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and some have gone on to join our classes or have 1:1 sessions with us. There is plenty of time for us to look after you whatever your needs may be on the day. We don’t expect you to remember everything we tell you, we just want you to relax and enjoy your time with us. Instead we give you an e booklet of exercises and stretches to use at home to help you continue to practise. Lastly, we have two tea and coffee breaks, along with healthy snacks and also by popular demand chocolate Hobnobs! -:)

For more information and to book a space of our next workshop please drop us and line and get in touch. If you are concerned that you may not be suitable to attend, do get in touch and we can have a chat. This workshop is suitable for people with disc issues.

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