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Pelvic floor course

Pelvic floor course - 8 weeks, £195

RESTORE YOUR PELVIC FLOOR Treating Pelvic Floor Dysfunction with a proven and effective system

Pelvic Floor Workshop 8 1/2 hrs over a 7 wk period.

Do you put up with moments where you cough, sneeze or laugh….. then oops, a little accident occurs?

Stress Incontinence is not an acceptable part of postnatal issues or growing older that we should have to accept and resort to wearing pads! The pelvic floor is a group of muscles that we can strengthen the same as we can strengthen any other muscles in our body, all it takes is repetitive strengthening reinforced over initially a 5 week period and then maintenance exercises of these essential muscles designed to keep our internal organs safely supported in our bodies.

No woman should have to put up with or accept that they have reached ‘that time in their life’. Leaks and panty pads are not a cure. Neither is women having to accept the way they are or having to put up with it. The Pelvic Floor is made up of a group of muscles and they can be strengthened the same as any other muscles in our body, especially if you know where they are, their size, what it looks like and how it works – you will learn all of this information with us! I am trained in Pelvic Floor Health, menopause, hormones, organ prolapse, constipation, diet for the menopausal women and health during and beyond the menopause.

After my training I then used the techniques and exercises learnt on myself. I was totally shocked at the dramatic difference in my Pelvic Floor in just 3 weeks which is why I am offering this course over a 5 week period so that I am there every step of the way. Like me you may have had a pelvic floor assessment and not felt confident when you went home. We’re you able to understand how to engage your pelvic floor muscles? the exercises that you were given? Were you doing them correctly. Each of these areas will be massively reinforced over and over again on this course. Anyone is welcome if they have had previous pelvic floor training before or not. All you need to qualify for the course is stress incontinence or you may want to attend for avoidance of this issue before it even begins! Maybe you couldn’t get into the habit of practising your exercises previously and this is where with the 5 weeks of classes, you will become familiar with, and be more likely to continue to learn and bring the exercises in to your daily life without giving it too much thought. It benefits all women who would like to rid themselves of these unacceptable symptoms.

Learn how to recruit and strengthen your Pelvic Floor muscles like never before. We will take time on this 5 week course, plus an additional 2 weeks off to practise after week 2 using kegels as ONLY a mere starting point during the course, before we supersize your knowledge. your understanding of the pelvic floor muscles during the 2 hour and 30 minutes in week 1’s lesson. During the additional weekly classes, we will look at how the Pelvic Floor works in relation to the rest of our body and the importance of this. You will learn and practise exercises specifically designed for optimum effect, using part of, and as you improve, all of your body through other connecting muscles and fascia to challenge our bodies. The exercises are functional exercises and movements to build on and maintain our newly strengthened Pelvic Floor musculature to enable you to run, jump, cough and sneeze without fear!

Learn how posture plays a major role in strengthening and maintaining the Pelvic Floor. The importance of breath. Why we need a strong, but not overly strong and weak Pelvic Floor. Why our abdominal and back muscles play an important part in pelvic floor health.

Before learning how to strengthen the Pelvic Floor we will take time to learn how to use our breath and then to Release the Pelvic Floor, a very important part to the course before we attempt Strengthening!

It is a lot of information but you have 5 weeks to be shown videos, along with all relevant paperwork to enable you to read about everything you’ve learnt during the workshop AND instructional videos for you to keep and refresh your memory any time you need to and reinforce what you are learning with us. Again explaining everything that you will learn so there’s no need to worry that you might forget anything! Also additional videos of the weekly pelvic floor class exercises for you to continue to do at home. We also provide props a pole and stretchy flexi band to enable you to carry on exercising at home.

The Practical

Nearly all of the course will involve releasing and recruiting the Pelvic Floor, surrounding core muscles and then building up to using all of the muscles in the body to challege your pelvic floor – trying out the exercises there and then. There is nothing that would cause anyone any embarrassment whatsoever so come prepared to take part. Wear suitable clothing that you can move in. Socks are needed please. We will be using different highly effective breathing techniques during each class both at the beginning and end for releasing the Pelvic Floor and during the body of each class when we are carrying out our strengthening exercises.

*please note exercises given at the classes must be continued for full muscular effect and maximum results

Please contact us for more details or to book a space.

Feedback from our Pelvic Floor Course

“I think it was a brilliant course and I would highly recommend it. Even though I don’t suffer with any pf problems yet I would still recommend it to all ages for preventative measures. The workshop was delivered in an extremely informative and confident way.” – Helen McGuire

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